Thank you!

Thank you to all of those who attended, supported, and helped with our annual production sale this year! We are humbled by the amazing people that surround our life. 

To see the animals from our now past sale please scroll down the page. 

Stay tuned for next years sale! If you are interested in our program or would like to know more about any animals we have for sale please contact us. Want to follow along with the happenings at the ranch? Head on over to our facebook page. 

Ryan & Meghan Ressler


Lot 1

Ressler B-52 234

Reg # 20396568

Lot 2

Ressler B-52 209

Reg # 20396568

Lot 3

Ressler B-52 222

Reg # 20396568

Lot 4

Ressler B-52 231

Reg # 20396568

Lot 5

Ressler B-52  212

Reg #20488199 

Lot 6

Ressler B-52 226

Reg # 20488201

Lot 7

Ressler B-52 216
Reg # 20492159

Lot 8

Ressler B-52 215

Reg # 20488200

Lot 9

Ressler B-52 238

Reg # 20491258

Lot 10

Ressler B-52 220

Reg # 20849630

Lot 11

Ressler B-52 224

Reg # 20396569

Lot 12

Ressler B-52 239

Reg # 220489631

Lot 13

Ressler B-52 239

Reg # 220489631

Lot 14

Ressler B-52 284

Reg # 20489637

Lot 15

Ressler B-52 256

Reg # 20489633

Lot 16

Ressler B-52 233

Reg # 20489636

Lot 17

Ressler B-52 208

Reg # 20489634

Lot 18

Ressler B-52 211

Reg # 20488203

Lot 19

Ressler Bravo 237

Reg # 20495789

Lot 20

Ressler Bravo 217

Reg # 20495767

Lot 21

Ressler Tahoe 243

Reg # 20509770

Lot 22

Ressler Tahoe 210

Reg # 20489846

Lot 23

Ressler Tahoe 202

Reg # 20494506

Lot 24

Ressler Tahoe 203

Reg # 20491251

Lot 25

Ressler Tahoe 271

Reg # 205134

Lot 26

Ressler Roosevelt 265

Reg # 20451393

Lot 27

Ressler Expert 251

Reg # 20546080

Lot 28

Ressler AJAX 249

Reg # 20591252

Lot 29

Ressler Roughrider 244

Reg # 20546082

Lot 30

Ressler Badlands 229

Reg # 20524612

Lot 31

Ressler Badlands 206

Reg # 20524609

Lot 32

Ressler AJAX 249

Reg # 20524611

Lot 33

Ressler Rider Pride 240

Reg # 20504149

Lot 34

Ressler Rider Pride

Reg # 20504143

Lot 35

Ressler Professional 264

Reg # 20524158

Lot 36

Ressler Professional 261

Reg # 2055461

Lot 37

Ressler Professional 269

Reg # 20525462

Lot 38

Ressler Incredible 277

Reg # 20526106

Lot 39

Ressler Incredible 252

Reg # 20493116


Lot 40

Ressler Firebrand 128

Reg # 20187092

Lot 41

Ressler General 130
Reg # 20183416

Lot 42

Ressler Roughrider 139

Reg #20183617

Lot 43

Ressler Earnan 159

Reg # 20232653

Lot 44

Ressler JOan 2099

Reg # 205277724

Lot 45

Ressler Lady Ann 2005
Reg # 20525464

Lot 46

Ressler Lady Ann 2012

Reg #20526104

Lot 47

Ressler Black Bess 2060

Reg # 20512300

Lot 48

Ressler Entello 2073

Reg # 20512301

Lot 49

Ressler Jody 2101
Reg # 20525465

Lot 50

Ressler Naomi 2093

Reg #20512302

Lot 51

Ressler May 2026

Reg # 20526105

Lot 52

Ressler Lau 2075

Reg # 20532870

Lot 53

Ressler Eraline 2057
Reg # 20512303

Lot 55

Ressler Entello 2082

Reg # 20525463

Lot 54

Ressler Lau 2081

Reg #20527723

Ellingson Fortified

Reg # 20201592

Sitz Barricade 632F X EA Queen Dolly 3246

A massive individual with tons of performance, design, and cow making phenotype. If you’re a EPD fan, Fortified sits at the top of the breed for WW, YW, Claw and Angle. His substance, natural fleshing capabilities, growth performance and foot improving qualities have already been heavily utilized in our breeding program, with his first calves hitting the ground in February 2023.

Bar B-52

Reg # 19529394

Casino Bomber N33 X Miss Wix 125 of SAF

Ressler Ranch purchased B52 from Bruner Angus Ranch in 2020. He has proven to add ample frame, length, growth, and style to each of his calves. His first daughters will be calving spring of 2023 in our herd and several other ranches. They are long, powerful, femininely and gorgeously patterned in a balanced package with excellent feet. The bulls and steers have continuously brought performance, 3 dimensional shape and pounds to the table.

~Owned with Bruner Angus Ranch

Ressler Roosevelt 901

Reg # 19583237

Ellingson Roughrider 4202 X Mohnen Jilt 539

We carefully chose to combine the scale pounding performance sire, Roughrider, and the maternal powerhouse Mohnen Jilt 539. This is the only mating of its kind in the entire world. The result, a bull safe to use on heifers, calves that come easy, and develop into a smooth build and Angus breed character that has made the breed so successful. (Heifer bull)

ELLINGSON Regiment 6362

Reg # 18543034

CTS Remedy 1T01 X EA Hyalite Lady 1333

A sure-fire Calving ease sire. Ellingson Regiment 8382 comes from a powerful maternal line. His Maternal $Value score is within the top 5% of the entire Angus breed. Look for Regiment to add length, muscle performance and excellent phenotype. It’s not often will you a heifer bull prospect with this amount of EPD spread. Top 15% on both Weaning & Yearling weight. Top 3% or higher on Claw & Foot angle. And the best yet, check out this guy’s $Value spread. Top 10% or higher on $M, $W, $F & $B. A total superstar in the making here. Our herd is saturated with his multifaceted influence. (Heifer bull)

Limited Semen Available

SAV Big Rig 0934

Reg # 19851720

Marcys Scale Crusher X  SAV Blackcap May 4574

SAV Big Rig 0934 is an exceptional sire – blending the valuable outcross blood of Marcys Scale Crusher with SAV Blackcap May 4574 – bringing calving ease potential, powerful phenotype, breed impacting performance, carcass merit and cow family strength to a versatile lineage, employable to most bloodlines. ‘Big Rig’ is a flush brother to ‘SAV Crush 0935’ with BIG Rig himself being a truly unique bull. He has the potential to impact productivity and profitability in the beef business for generations. His productive dam is a beautiful and broody cow with powerful dimension and superb structure – a headliner in the SAV embryos program. She is a flush sister to SAV Regard 4863. (Heifer bull)

~Owned with Nate Schuster-Six Diamond and Kelly Schaff-Schaff Angus Valley


Commercial Heifers

Once again, we are offering a phenomenal opportunity for our customers to purchase an excellent set of quality commercial heaters. Our consigners consist of Randy& Evy Ressler of Cooperstown, ND, Wyatt& Becky Goettle, of Donnybrook, ND, Michael and Katie Brobst of Grygla, MN, and Cheryl and Daryl Smith of Rogers,ND. Each consigner has been exclusively breeding their cows with Ressler Ranchbulls for close to a decade. They have brought in a complete set of feminine and phenotypically beautiful heifers. They have worked towards raising quality replacement heifers by focusing on calving ease, impeccable feet, docility, milk production,udder/teat shape and size, and an annual increase in weaning weights.The Ressler heifers offered in this years production sale are direct daughters of Ressler Roosevelt 901, BAR B-52, TehamaTahoe, Ellingson Rider Pride, Ellingson Bad-lands, Glasoe Rainfall, Ellingson Profession-al, and TLC Colonel. They are easy fleshing and naturally muscular in a sound structure and a docile and feminine profile. Over the last several years their dams have been providing us with reproductively efficient females and scale-pounding steers, all of which have easy to work with demeanors. All the Black Angus heifers have been fully vaccinated, vet checked open, and evaluated for reproductive soundness. Each one is deemed not only adequate in their calving capacity but also mature in their reproductive tract. Any heifers that were labeled as narrow/immature or flight have been removed. All this is to ensure they will be ready come breeding season and low maintenance during calving. The buyer takes a minimum of 5 head and may take the whole group. A select few of the commercial heifers from Ressler Ranch have the potential to be registered at an additional cost